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Last updated February 27, 2012

News from the Farm

Is almost certainly on the Badgersett Growers Blog, rather than here. It will stay that way until we update our web content management system, so please check there.

Upcoming events at the Farm, events produced by Badgersett, or events that may be of particular interest to nut growers. For details on events farther in the future or the past, see the full events page.

News from Badgersett

Discoveries, innovations, and new products from Badgersett.

Badgersett in the Media

News about Badgersett Research Corporation and/or its products, from external sources.

Chestnuts to Read

There a few new books about chestnuts available which Philip Rutter, Badgersett's President and CEO, was involved in making. 

"American Chestnut: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of a Perfect Tree" by Susan Freinkel follows the story of the people who relied on and have fought to protect the Redwood of the East.  It's a very well-researched narrative of the story of this tree, and a compelling read.  One reviewer's first response was "A perfect book." !

"Mighty Giants: An American Chestnut Anthology".  This is a collection of pieces both about the chestnut and about the American Chestnut Foundation.  The foreword is by Bill McKibben, it includes selections by Nobel laureates Norman Borlaug and Jimmy Carter, Barbara Kingsolver, and one on the very beginnings of the foundation by Philip Rutter.  It's a big deal!  You can find this at the site for the American Chestnut Foundation:

"If a Tree Falls" by Douglas Buege. This book is related to Dr. Buege's recent visit to the farm and following coverage on a radio show regarding his investigation into "Rutter's Rule", which can be seen in Bulletin 8 (which, by the way, is on the Info page.): “If It’s Not Dead, DON’T KILL IT.”

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News and Events Archive

Visit our archives for past news and events from Badgersett.

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