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Last updated August 8, 2007

Publications: Philip A. Rutter

Selected Professional Papers:

Rutter, P.A., and C.R. Burnham. 1982. The Minnesota chestnut program— new promise for breeding a blight-resistant American chestnut, 73rd Annual Report of the Northern Nut Growers Assoc. pp. 81-90.

Burnham, C.R.; P.A. Rutter.; and D.W. French. 1986. Breeding Blight-Resistant Chestnuts. Plant Breeding Reviews, vol. 4. pp 347-397

Rutter, P.A. 1987. Chestnut ecology and the developing orcharding industry. Proc. of the 2nd Pacific Northwest Chestnut Congress. The Chestnut Growers Exchange, Inc., P.O. Box 12632, Portland, OR 97212

Rutter, P.A. 1987. Badgersett Research Farm; projects, goals, and plantings. 78th Annual Report of the Northern Nut Growers Assoc. pp.173-186

Rutter, P.A. 1987; 4th edition, 1990. A chestnut pollinator's handbook. 20 pages, diagrams. Available from Badgersett.

Rutter, P.A. 1989. Reducing Earth's "greenhouse" CO2 through shifting staples production to woody plants. Proc. of the Second North American Conference on Preparing for Climate Change, pp 208-213. The Climate Institute, 316 Pennsylvania Ave., SE, Suite 403, Washington, DC 20003

Paillet, F.L., and P.A. Rutter.. 1989. Replacement of native oak and hickory tree species by the introduced American chestnut (Castanea dentata) in southwestern Wisconsin. Canadian Journal of Botany , vol. 67, #12; pp 3457-3469

Rutter, P.A. 1990. Growing Chestnut Trees: The American Chestnut Foundation Handbook. The American Chestnut Foundation, College of Agriculture and Forestry, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 26506-6057. 13 pages

Rutter, P.A. 1990. Woody agriculture: increased carbon fixation and co-production of food and fuel. Paper presented to the World Conference on Preparing for Climate Change, Cairo, Egypt, December 1989. The Climate Institute, Washington DC. reprinted IN: 80th Annual Report of the Northern Nut Growers Assoc.

Rutter, P.A., G. Miller, and J. Payne. 1990. Chestnuts (Castanea) . In: Genetic Resources of Temperate Fruits and Nuts. J.N. Moore & Ballington, J.R. Jr., eds. International Society for Horticultural Science. Acta Horticultura 290; pp 761-788

Rutter, P.A. 1992. A new experimental approach to producing self rooted chestnut clones. 82nd Annual Report of the Northern Nut Growers Assoc.

Talks Given with Manuscripts in Preparation:

Rutter, P.A. 2002. The integrated reproductive ecology of the genus Castanea. Annual Meeting, The American Chestnut Foundation.

Rutter, P.A. 2002. Woody Agriculture, Principles, Practices, and Progress. Global Warming XIV Conference, Boston 2002

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