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Last updated January 29, 2015

24th Annual Badgersett Field Day

Badgersett Farm, Canton, MN
Saturday, August 15, 2015, 9:30 AM - 6 PM

Please Note:
  • This page has not yet been updated for 2015, but much of the schedule will be the same. For the latest updates check the Badgersett Growers' Blog

You Are Invited!

Dr. Brandon Rutter-Daywater discusses horses and hazels.

...To this year's field day at Badgersett Farm (click for directions), which will be our twenty-third. Check out the schedule of events, bring a tent and camp out, but most of all come and see because there's just no substitute. We have more to see than a day will allow, but we'll focus on this year's tour and harvest highlights.

Tour Format

We'll have four different tours in two time slots, morning and afternoon. Thus, everybody will be able to take two different tours. The following is a tentative schedule of the day.

Schedule of Events

Friday, August 16
EveningAttendees invited to camp; primitive campground
Saturday, August 17
9:30 AM - 5 PM
  • Registration and Registration-Tent sales of marketplace items open, probably including some goodies not listed here on the web.
  • Hazel maze open!!
10 AM - 6 PM
  • Retail sale of plants and
  • Amish baked goods and other things for sale by some of our neighbors. (most vendors will not be here all day; most should be here for lunch and early afternoon)
All DayGathering, discussions, and display tables under the shade of the hickories in Row S.
10:30 AM - 12:30 PMIntroductory tour: Woody Agriculture
Advanced Tour: TBD. Probably one of: (1) Establishment and Nuts on the North Hill, including our field of Hickory-Pecans just now coming into production, and blight on pure American Chestnut, or (2) Biomass and Mature Field Management. Things to do with all the wood, and long-term weeds.
12:30 - 1:45 PM
  • Lunchtime! Pack a lunch, since there aren't any restaurants near enough, but you might want to leave enough room for Amish cookies!
1:15 - 1:45 PM
1:45 - 3:45 PMIntroductory tour: Hybrid Hazels
Advanced Tour: TBD, probably Pest Management and Hazelnut Harvest
4:00 PM"What's new and important" talk by Philip Rutter, followed by Q&A
EveningAttendees invited to spend another night in our primitive camping.
Sunday, August 18
SundaySelf-guided Sunday: Attendees invited to walk the fields to see things they might have missed on Saturday; possible further advanced tour/discussion material.


We have some exciting developments to share with you this year, including:

For Sale: open 10-5 on Saturday

We will have chestnut and some hickory and hazel tubelings available for sale, as well as the items available on our online marketplace, and maybe even a few hazel and hickory-pecan nuts from the 2012 harvest. Field day handling discounts!

Events and Attractions

Introductory Tours

Don't let the name fool you; more experienced growers will learn something new on these tours as well. They are suitable for new folks, though. These tours will give you a good, up-to-date overview of the basics.

Morning: Woody Agriculture

An interactive, field version of What is Woody Agriculture? with emphasis on practice and applications. This tour will include basics on hazels, chestnuts and hickories. For a good preperatory talk for this tour, check out the first talk from the 2011 short course

Afternoon: NeoHybrid Hazels

The broad basics of what you need to see and know about Badgersett NeoHybrid Hazelnuts. Particularly suitable for people thinking about establishing hazel fields, and those with some hazels in the ground

Advanced Tours

These more specialized tours will be most useful for people who are familiar with the basics. For those of you who are that familiar, there should be enough new information in these tours to keep you interested even if you've attended all of our previous field days and short courses.

Establishment tour

Morning Advanced Tour

To Be Determined: let us know what you want most! Probably one of:

  1. Establishment and Nuts on the North Hill. Including our newest field of machine-planted hazels, as well as our field of Hickory-Pecans just now coming into production, and blight on pure American Chestnut, all on the seldom-visited-on-field-day North Hill.
  2. Biomass and Mature Field Management Ideas on how to maintain field health as plants age, what to do with all that wood, and what to do about longer-term weed problems as they arise.

Afternoon Advanced Tour

TBD; Most likely a tour covering hazelnut harvest, this year focusing particularly on preparation for harvest and harvest-time pest monitoring and pest management.


New Stuff and Q&A

Badgersett Research Corporation's CEO and Chief Scientist Philip Rutter will give a fifteen minute "New and Important" talk covering the most important current developments in Woody Agriculture theory and practice, which will not have been conveyed in all of the tours. This talk will be followed by the question and answer session as usual.

Q and A with Philip Rutter


Attendees are invited to camp at Badgersett Farm both Friday and Saturday nights. We don't have developed campsites- ground is uneven and it's a hike to get to water or an outhouse. But we'll have some space mowed, some of us will be camping there, and it's the most complete way to experience the woody agriculture ecology of Badgersett Farm.

Self-guided Sunday

There is so much to see at Badgersett that it's just not possible to get to everything you might want to see in a day. So, we're inviting you to walk about on Sunday and find the things you missed. Some further advanced tour guiding may be available in the late morning and/or early afternoon.

Gathering and Discussion under the Hickories

We'll have display tables, literature, and a place to gather and talk with other growers under the hickories in Row S. We'll try to have a staffperson there all day to answer basic questions and hear what you've got to say. Expect this to be a hotspot for lunch, and the gathering spot for the "New and Important" talk and question and answer session.

Hazels and Hickory-Pecans for Cracking! We'll have warts-and-all nuts from last year's harvest available for cracking and inspection, and maybe even some from this year's harvest after the lunchtime demonstration....

Amish Baked Goods and Produce

As in many of our past field days, some of our local Amish neighbors will be here selling baked goods, and possibly some produce as well. It isn't a lunch menu, but you might want to leave room for these goodies! We will post it here as soon as we have solidified the arrangements.

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