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Last updated April 8, 2009

Two-Day Short Course:
Woody Agriculture: Theory and Hazelnut Practices

Despite our best efforts to keep the spring Short Course annual, we are sorry to report that we will have to call off this year's class, postponing the next standard course until spring of 2010.

There are a lot of reasons for this, but to cut to the chase: folks on the farm have been sick enough over the past half year that we just don't have the human resources to both do the short course and keep up with the spring planting for this year's crop of tubelings. We are of course very unhappy that this is the way it has turned out, and we do apologize for the lateness of this notice.

We WILL be holding the short course next spring; among other considerations we will be significantly better staffed starting mid-summer this year. The interest this year has been more than enough to warrant the course as usual; we just are not able to do it right now.

We will also be holding the annual field day as always (come sun or flood) on the third Saturday in August; this year that's the 15th.

We deeply appreciate your patience through all this rigamarole, and look forward to sharing with you the best information available on Woody Agriculture, in the future.

Brandon Rutter
Vice President,
Badgersett Research Corporation

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